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Time is on my side...

I can think of no reason to write fiction other than for the love of it. And if we love a thing, and we feel separated from that thing, or we feel we’re letting that thing down, that cuts us to the quick.

Each time that happens, I take a breath and remind myself that I don’t have to do it perfectly. I just have to do it.

Maybe I don’t write as fast as I feel like I ought to. But you know what? “Ought to” isn’t helpful. That I’m doing it, that I’m making progress, that’s what counts. I have a full life, and I am making progress in producing works of fiction that are dear to me. That this is true lets me keep writing.

Writing is a privilege. Every day, every minute I am able to spend doing it is time I am able to spend with loved ones; not only the characters themselves, but those who had a hand in their creation, and whose aspects they embody. The act of creating them seemed hard at first, breathing life into them, artificial and clumsy. But watching them grow and learn, take risks, fail and succeed, and truly become heroes, is where the magic of my writing truly takes place.

In my upcoming tween+ book Silent Wishes, there are some cool characters and with the help of my amazing new illustrator Brielle Benefield, you all will get to have awesome visuals of some of the main characters! Also, I will be doing a Book cover reveal in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out for it!

Update on Pull of the Sister Moon 2: I am looking at four more chapters to go and then the search for a cover for it will be happening! Be patient dear readers, it Will happen!



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