Some new character Illustrations

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Illustration #1-Albar

" He is tall, taller than Theron, and built like he could move a mountain. His hair bright red, falling over his deep blue eyes twinkled with devilry as he smiled widely at her. Gracing his smile, was a mustache with a full beard the color of his flaming hair. "

Illustration #2 Sena

"In the firelight, her short hair flashes a silver color and her sharp features are predominating in her thin angular face. It is her eyes that capture you; one blue as the sky, the other so dark you can not see the white around it. Her facial appearance looks similar to her brother Theron’s, yet her coloring is so different. "

Illustration #3 Meliora

"She looks over at the beautiful older woman, seeing something so familiar, but unsure of what it is. The tall woman’s hair lies waves down her back, silver with flashes of deep red through it. Her dark eyes hold the light eyes of Lyla, as she tells her what she can, keeping back the last pressing thing."

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