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Second book pondering...

So dear readers..should this happen??? Shall these two become what they are fated to be..shall I bring this to fruition? I am on the 20th chapter...and I am stuck at this little curve in the emotional, passionate side says YES, but another side of me wonders if their adventures continue in a more platonic way and they eventually have to accept that the fate and just has to wait awhile. I see Lyla as a woman you feel for; she’s determined, strong, and capable, still she faces the challenge ahead of her bravely and doesn’t let the circumstances, however seemingly impossible, defeat her. Theron is a man strong in his love for his world and its people, and he is determined to save it above all, but his emotions tend to get ragged when he is around Lyla..can they work this out..oh my the words are starting to flow! See you on the pages soon!

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