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New Books Launched!

Hello dear readers!

Excitement is in the air! I am thrilled to announce that all three of my books are now available for you to enjoy. Before you dive in, I wanted to share a few important notes about each book that I believe will enhance your reading experience.

The first book, "Her Favorite Color," was a captivating vision that came to me in the dead of night, not once but twice in a row. It felt like a calling, an urgent need to be fulfilled. This book holds immense emotional weight and is deeply sensitive to my entire family. It is a story that must be shared, a story that emanates with brightness and inspires hope.

The second book, titled "Sisters of Fire and Water," is part of the Alasa and Merry's Adventures series, which is a Middle-school Fantasy Series. It was an absolute delight to collaborate with my granddaughter Gwyneth on this fun and thrilling book.

The third book, "Adventures of Mira Mouse," was inspired by a sweet, crocheted character made by my friend Debbie M. I wrote it for my new Great-Granddaughter, Ivy Sophia. Children should always believe in themselves and read!

Cheers and Keep reading!!!!


Her Favorite Color

This awe-inspiring picture book brings Monique's courageous journey with cancer to vivid life. The pages burst with vibrant illustrations, capturing the essence of her story in detail. As readers delve into the story, the constant presence of love and support from her family is evident, like a warm embrace. Despite the formidable challenges she faced, Monique's unwavering faith radiates, filling the air with a sense of awe and admiration. This book, aptly titled "Her Favorite Color," becomes a beacon of light, illuminating the path for children who have experienced the impact of cancer or have loved ones battling any illness. It is a heartwarming tribute that celebrates the beauty of life, the power of love, and the unwavering strength of faith. The book gently whispers in our ears, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, we are never alone on our journey, offering solace like a gentle touch.

Ages – 6 & up

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Sisters Of Fire & Water- Book 2, Alasa & Merry's Adventures

In the second installment of their thrilling series, the courageous sisters embark on a whirlwind of exhilarating new adventures. These escapades will push their unwavering loyalty, profound love, and unyielding courage to their absolute limits.

As they continue their journey, they will encounter both trusted allies and treacherous foes. The malevolent half-blood dragon, Orgu, with his sinister presence and menacing growls, seeks a queen to solidify his evil reign. His army of half-dead Dracolichs poses a threat to the safety of the sisters' families and friends. The notorious pirate, Crimson Sea Dog, with his raucous laughter and cruel treatment of innocent creatures, leaves a trail of destruction on Mt Airta and Whitestone Ocean. A repulsive sea creature, its slimy tentacles polluting the once pristine ocean, fills the air with a nauseating stench, testing Alasa and Merry's determination to restore harmony.

New and familiar friends unite with the two sisters, including Sam and Hasan, two rivals vying for Alasa's attention, Anemone and a spirited flying cat named Waves, King Koinurth and his magnificent dragon army, and let's not forget Ponur and Karten and their heartwarming bond. New characters come to life in this book, brimming with mystery and intrigue.

Ages- 12 & up

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Adventures of Mira Mouse

Mira Mouse is a small, curious, and adventurous mouse who dreams of exploring new places. One day, while exploring the attic of the neighboring abandoned house, she stumbles upon a toy airplane. With a little bit of fixing up, she decides to take it for a ride. As she soars over fields, forests, and lakes, she is captivated by the breathtaking scenery. Along her journey, Mira forms incredible new friendships, including a unicorn, ducks, a friendly tree, and even a cat! Through her experiences, Mira conquers her fear of heights, learns to swim, and develops an appreciation for the diverse wonders of life. She discovers that the world is full of endless surprises and that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. "Mira Mouse" is a delightful and inspiring story that appeals to children of all ages. With its vibrant illustrations and captivating characters, it is sure to captivate young readers. Age group- 0-5yr.

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This book has fantasy written all through it. My attention was held from the beginning to the end. When I came to the end I was ever so happy knowing that another book would be coming soon. Congratulations to this new author. Outstanding!!

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