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The last ten days have been a whirlwind of adventures with my Northern family, visiting us here in the south. I hold my granddaughter's hand and walk slowly down a curved path through vivid tropical foliage, my ears ringing with bird calls, my heart blossoming with the chatter of our family behind us as they see a bird in flight, bright and pink heading for its mate on the island of magic.

I grin at my grandchild's excitement, her wonder at all that surrounds her, and I see my character, Sorcha, with her curiosity and her bright eyes..coming through the pages, joining me on our hike.

I muse through my characters, I love them as my fictional family, I find myself listening through conversation, experiencing humor, creativity, stubbornness, discipline, risk-taking, culture, and even fear in my earth family, and know they have inspired me to build these characters and their personalities through my love of them.

I am slowly receiving my book chapters back from my editor. She is now on the road to recovery and this is good news. I also have been delving into my other writings and have really immersed myself in the second book of POSM. I am now juggling many avenues, with my writing, editing, and beta reading. I can barely manage to toss one ball into the air and catch it without stumbling, let alone two or three. So, no, I am not talking about that kind of juggling! Rather, I am talking about writer’s juggling. This is a phenomenon that I would hear other authors talking about but until recent months I did not comprehend for myself. I suppose it has many names – a friend called it ‘deadline hell’ – and can involve different aspects of the publishing/writing/life game, but it amounts to the same thing: Finding some way to ‘do it all’ and not have your head explode! I would much rather concentrate on my first book and get it completed and out to all of you! But, it is a slow process and one I can not take for granted but also have to keep my mind active and my fingers typing!!

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