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As a writer, I'm often asked about the success of my writing and how many books I've sold. Being praised for my abilities is flattering, but it also brings a sensation of anxiety when I think I might not fulfill those expectations. I know that I'm likely being too sensitive, however, I'm still breaking free from being a people-pleaser — so when people have expectations of me, I can't help but try to meet them. Though, in all fairness, this train of thought serves as a significant source of motivation, inspiring me to do my best.

We often hear stories of writers who have written a book and become very wealthy, leading to the misconception that all writers are rich. When you think of writers, who do you think of? Perhaps Stephen King, J. K Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, James Patterson, Patricia Cromwell?

I think they have become so successful that even those who don't care for books have heard of them and recognize their literary talent. Some have become household names.

People unconsciously overlook the laborious, uncertain journey of writing and publishing a book when viewing the finished product. There is never a guarantee of success. That's the process of putting pen to paper, making corrections, reworking the drafts, making further edits, and perfecting the writing. Yes, it's as annoying to me as it is to you. Writing can be a labor of love, and lots of authors and writers get that. Writing and creativity can be like a force that courses through a writer's veins, even if it's not a career choice for everyone.

I hope that when my writing career reaches a certain level, I can simply rely on my reputation to showcase my work. The books sell the name, and the name sells the books.

The amount of authors trying to make it big is growing daily, and while it's true that successful authors have worked hard, it's also true that they wouldn't be where they are without it. It is understandable that accomplishment and attention do not come without effort and hard work.

The fame of an author can sometimes play a greater role in the success of a book than the material within it. That's not to discredit their quality, it's simply a factor to consider. Not all writing is wonderful, but even an obscure writer like me can create something special. It's a funny contrast that writers are usually introverted, yet to make a career out of being a writer, they must be outgoing and put themselves in the public eye.

Despite only recently starting to publish, I take great pride because my books are being read in different parts of the world. I have received a remarkable amount of encouragement. I try and give myself credit because I am sharing my creativity with the world, being brave and living my dream. The person who will eventually consume my work won’t see all that behind-the-scenes effort, therefore what matters is the sum of my experience to create the end product that may make a person smile, laugh or cry , and possibly look for more.

Keep reading my friends…I have more coming!!



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