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Keeping Cool and Inspired

For me, every summer for the last five years has been a challenge living here in Florida. Heat and humidity are oppressive, and just walking to my garden peaks the sweat. Though my experience may not be familiar to others, it does not change the truth that summer offers me. Hard is not bad. Discomfort is not a sin. Endurance has its own rewards, even when they may be months in coming. Like the challenge of anything, this season speaks of good times and bad, pleasant, and unpleasant realities that must be faced and endured in order to gain anything.

The heat of summer drains at times all aspirations as well as inspirations out of me. Long days mean that I feel guilty for curling up with a book before dark or just watching a good show. After all, if the sun is shining, shouldn’t I be up and doing as well? The birds’ songs may mellow out toward evening, and the squirrels stop chasing one another, as dark draws near, although it is still early by the hour of the clock, the curtains are drawn in the neighborhood, and the heat has been closed off.

At times unexpected thunderstorms excite hope for coolness but inevitably disappoint as blinding sunshine bakes the palms and tropicals, when the rains come, so does the stickiness of humidity. But, I smile at a small new bud on my passion flower after the rain, knowing this is what it is all about.

Though my brain feels like it is melting in the summer heat, my spirit digs deep. I do the necessary work and fruit will follow. My cozy desk sits near a window where I can hear the Jay at my birdfeeder. He sings to me of thanks for the fresh water in our bird bath, he shakes his wings and sprays the humid air.

Thomas Edison was not wrong when he said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” The same may be said for life itself. There is great hope in that.

Here’s looking at you, Summer.

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