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Just a thought for the day.

As I wait patiently for my last edit to come back..A lot of people aren't able to look past the dragons and sword-fighting,( which I love by the way) but fantasy is a lot more than that. Like any other book, fantasy books are books about people. People who are faced with problems, relationships, and evil. It shows how people deal with these conflicts in some unusual settings. There are a lot of different kinds and subgenres within fantasy, just like in 'regular' fiction.

On top of that sometimes it is nice to be in a world that is different from our own. I think it is a bit like traveling. You visit a place with different customs and behavior, which creates the chance to look at some problems from a different perspective.

Journey focuses on the coming of age and independence, racism, and the environment. Also magic, love, and art. I loved building my worlds and creating my many characters. My characters have all become like family to me, even the bad guys. I will wake up in the middle of the night, dream still fresh of a very important scene that my character had to be part of. With my notebook by my side, I always hope that I can read my writing the next day...

Be well, see you in the pages..

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