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I’ve been thinking about my responsibility to you as my readers, and that got me to thinking about universes. Not the kind that surround us but the kind we carry with us—worlds complete, comprising places imagined by others, populated with people not of our creation, yet colored in by our own mental energy; the universes that exist within a writer’s imagination, which are shared with readers via the printed or spoken word, and are solidified by the reader’s own mental imagery.

If you read a lot, this concept possibly makes sense to you. Every fantasy author creates their own world, and each world feels different and separate from every other fantasy author’s world.

When you as a reader picks up my book, I hope after the first few chapters this new world “calls” to you, that you begin to know that world. That you are caught up in the sights, the smells, the sounds, the people, the places as you are there or have been there… and perhaps you have. It is like one of those dreams you have that you know it’s now within the realm of your current lives, and that world does exist…somewhere…some time.

Inspiration is one of those elusive words, like “muse” and “success.” It evades us, confounds and confuses us, bewitches when it visits and devastates upon its departure. My inspiration comes from the love of putting words to paper that will open up those senses and pull you into my new worlds and make you ache for more.

But regardless of the philosophical underpinnings, exploration of morality and allegorical struggles, ultimately I’m writing this series for your entertainment and for mine. I hope it provides all of you with that sense of escape to another world which is so essential to my own peace and contentment.

* * *

I’m always open to your thoughts and views. Please feel free to share them below.

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