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I am still waiting patiently on my editor and her slow healing, so need to keep busy with my passion as a wordsmith. I have been blessed with working with some new writers as a Beta reader and editor in the past 6 months and so thrilled that I am part of their journey. I hope to be able to share their published stories on this website once they have the green light!!

I have been playing around with some new character ideas for Book 2 in the POSM trilogy.

Here are a few descriptions of them...please leave a comment and let me know what you think!!

1 . Brown, curly hair is pulled back to reveal a long, anguished face. Wide gray eyes, set wickedly within their sockets, watch anxiously over the lands they've kept safe for so long. A sword left a mark stretching from just under the right eye, running towards the other eye and ending under her right eye and leaves a lasting punishment of former love.

This is the face of Sillaesa, a true pioneer among her people. She stands towering among others, despite her slim frame. There's something enthralling about her, perhaps it's her decency, or perhaps it's simply her tenderness. But nonetheless, people tend to pretend to be her best friend, while helping her out in any way they can.

2. Blue, sleek hair is pulled back to reveal a lean, time-worn face. Round amber eyes, set well within their sockets, watch faithfully over the sacred wood that his people cherished.

A large beard charmingly compliments his eyes and hair and he is seen many times sitting in the tallest tree his hand scratching as if it helps him to ponder.

This is the face of Alrei, a true guardian among the Wanderers .

There is something appealing about him, perhaps it's his odd companions or perhaps it's simply his sense of comradery. However, people lean toward him, for guidance and safety.

3. White, flowing hair awkwardly hangs over a sculpted, lived-in face. Shining blue eyes, set charmingly within their sockets, watch merrily over the children as they play. A birthmark reaching from just under the right eyebrow , running towards her left nostril and ending above her right eye and leaves a lasting medal of her bravery. The is the face of Nafareath, Grandmother of the community. She stands small among others, despite her sturdy frame. There's something puzzling about her, perhaps it's a feeling of sadness or perhaps it's simply her low musical words as she sings to the children.

4. Red, short wavy hair gently hangs over a furrowed, warm face. Dark grey eyes, wide and clear as she studies the people below her. A birthmark reaching from the bottom of the right cheekbone , running towards the right side of her lips and ending on her left cheek and leaves a stinging burden of her unfortunate past. The is the face of Leadrieth a true protector of her people. She stands tall, her sword at her side among the others, her body ready at any moment. There's something extraordinary about her, perhaps it's her goodwill, or perhaps it's simply her sense of honor. Many people tend to become her friend while training with her whenever she's available.

5. Silver, straight hair hangs over a lean, sculptured face. Violet eyes, watch thoughtfully over the lands they've nearly died for so long. Freckles are spread graciously around her nose and cheekbones and leaves a beautiful memory of her upbringing. The is the face of Iyohara a true healer among her people She stands tall above others, despite her thin frame. There's something enigmatic about her, perhaps it's wisdom, or perhaps it's simply a feeling of delight. But nonetheless, people tend go to her, respect her, while hoping she will one day be their leader.


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