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I don’t write for approval, I write because my story has taken me hostage and won’t stop bothering me until I have written it. I don't write for money, either – I do it because I care passionately about the story I am telling. I hope my readers will sense that passion. It’s why you read books. I am not saying selling my book isn't a thing that I hope for, it is, but more importantly is sharing my love for the written word. I find beauty in this accomplishment.

When my Hard Back book came in the mail yesterday, I held it in my hands and I could feel the tingle, the glow in my face, the joy to see it real and ready to be opened. It is so hard to explain, but its a feeling deep in my soul that says, " You did this."

I am now working on the first draft of the second book, and it’s like standing in a stream. I can’t see the current, but I can feel it. This story is flowing out of me and I will follow it. I believe I have found the sweet spot, the wormhole, into this second book. The trick is to get those words from deep in my gut and find a way of tapping into them. Getting to this place can be elusive. Sometimes it happens early on , sometimes very late; but once I find it, my story will flow out of me in a natural, organic way.

I believe I have found a new Editor, presently she is "reading" the first 15 chapters of the second book..another grateful feeling.

Cheers my readers, let me hear from you!

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