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Here are some things I wish someone had told me when I was writing my first book, now that I am on the second book I have more understanding of what lies ahead of me.

No one can tell if the writing is fun or if it is hard. Trust me.My words pours out of my brain in a passionate flood and sometimes slowly and miserably, but the only person who ever knows this difference is me. So no excuses—I have to get the words down and at the same time make them count .

I remember everyone telling me If I believed I could do it, then I could! I pictured myself being published, so I pressed on to make happen! Which all this sounds great, except…can I do it on the second, third, and fourth book.. I am here to tell you—what matters is I am sticking with it. Even if I just write a 100 words today, I will do more tomorrow.

There aren’t good books and bad books. There are finished books and books that still need more work. I worried so much if there would be a market for my book and wondered if the book I was writing is good or I was just fooling myself. I have to remember, like the first book, I am are not writing a good book, I am writing a good draft. Later I will have time to change the beginning or change the ending or change the middle. Later, I will have time to cut and polish . For now, I have to trust the process and write.

I am not writing for my writer self, I am writing for my reader self. I am the best audience for my own work. and the worse critic. I write it like I am the the person who is going to read it. I have to remember the fun bits, the juicy bits, the stuff you linger over in other books—the good stuff.

Over the course of this November, I have felt frustrated, despaired, elated and exhausted. At times I walk around in a foggy haze trying to figure out how all those words can be put in order. People will talk to me for twenty minutes and I won’t have heard a word they said because I just thought of a fantastic new subplot. Or, I wake in the middle of the night dreaming of a new character and the next morning realize that I should of got up and wrote it down.

My first book is slow moving, but its published and there in black and white and I can now move on to more story, more characters, new worlds and most of all new journeys.

I would love to have my subscribers read my first book and review. Presently the E-Book is on sale, so it is a good time to get it. Also the hardcover will be available by the end of this month.

I will be doing some new things with my blog. Besides writing, one of my passions is reading. So I will be blogging about books that I am reading. I am a very eclectic reader so if any of you have some book suggestions that you would like me to read and critique please send them along.

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