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Depth and Soul of Writing

As I take part in my storytelling process I hope to leave some space for the readers’ imagination to run wild. The emotional journey of a story adds depth to any writing no matter the niche or topic. My desire is to be creative and that creative energy directed and channeled into words.

What I have learned over the many years I have been a writer and reader, that any form of writing is a description of something. It can be an argument, a story, or an expression. To describe something emotionally, one needs to describe the “emotions”. What is the expression? How does someone feel about what happened which was unexpected? My true nature, as in many writers I just want to be the story"teller". But as I read over my edited manuscript I see many areas that I have to balance , but I am happy to say with a good editor and also being an editor myself, I have been able to teach my self and others how to balance this. The "show" of the story adds depth while the ‘tell’ adds clarity. Too much ‘show’, it will make the story confusing. Too much ‘tell’, it will make the story boring. The direction of the story is only limited to the imagination. As I write more and do my own revisions I see how much showing is all about emotions. I, for one have always been an emotional writer. The way I write and the words I choose, I aim to evoke a certain emotion within my readers. As a writer, I want my the readers to imagine for themselves. I do it by using detailed emotional descriptions without telling them too much. My goal is to achieve a combination of emotion and curiosity.Pulling the readers in to keep reading. As they read, they are imagining what was being written, sentence by sentence. A balanced mix of show and tell. I write with a purpose deep in my soul. I want my readers to have the power to transform my writing into a masterpiece because they are the ones who read it. They say beauty is the eye of the beholder. This concept I believe holds true in writing. I want to make my stories relatable and tangible. I believe reliability is enticing because of the emotional connection with my readers towards something they experienced before.This is where the power of storytelling comes from. An unrelatable scene can be fresh and interesting too. Fresh perspective adds mystery and curiosity to the story if it is tangible.

My motto is ; "A good story always start with the readers."

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