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Courage and Creativity

Is my writing sacred? Is my writing time? I allow myself to acknowledge that people may not understand that I am passionate about my writing because it is entirely possible that even when I downplay the explanation it won’t change the opinion of someone else, or worse, it will give them the excuse to think even less about my passion than they already do.

I believe it takes courage to put out a piece of work that is honestly and truly the best I can do, knowing there is a decent chance it will be attacked in some way by someone. I try and have the courage to respond with grace and conviction to those who may not understand this passion to be creative and help open the readers' minds to other worlds and new characters. I acknowledge that my work might not be perfect. But I also acknowledge that every letter, every word, every sentence, every paragraph, and every chapter is real and a piece of my heart that is wanting to be shared with those who want to turn the next page.

There is a tricky situation that occurs in the lives of writers. To people who are not engaged in similar creative pursuits, explaining a difficult day can be met with expressions of disbelief. “You mean sitting in your seat and typing words was hard? Exhausting? Really?” I have personally experienced this with people who are close to me, and I step away from that negative pull and seek the keyboard to ease my heart and mind.

My novel is back in my own hands, I am ready to press on, I have been on simmer for too long. I am loving working with other creative minds and feel their passion and courage to fill the blank pages.

I hope to have POSM Book 1 finished and published by this fall. Dear readers, and subscribers, thank you for continuing to read my words and waiting and encouraging me to continue this journey.

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