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Conall Leeway sits opposite her in the circle. His shining eyes avert as she meets them. He again looks back at her and the fire dances in his eyes as if in a mirror reflection because they are so clear blue. His golden hair waves down his shoulders, his skin fair and glossy, glows in the firelight. Conall came with his family from across the ocean to Wind Wood as a young teen and is now in his twentieth year. The Leeway family came to farm on this little mountainous island and was settling in quite well in the community. His parents are dark and nondescript compared to Conall. He has a presence about him that makes people shy away from him when he is near. Lyla had never spent time with him because of the age difference and he mainly stayed close to his home or helped his father with their small farm. Occasionally, Lyla would see him walking up the mountain during dusk and curious why he would trek the mountain so late.

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