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Character Description

The girl turns her face to look down at Lyla, and their eyes meet. Lyla breathed in surprise, the girl is beautiful! Lyla thinks she is one of the most beautiful she has ever met. The girl’s face is as delicate and fine-boned, as the china dolls, that her Grandfather had brought for her, from across the ocean. Her skin is white and polished, her thinness adding beauty to the high slanted cheekbones. Her hair the color of corn silk is pulled straight back from her face showing her pointed ears. Her eyes are wide and slanted with long straight lashes that set off the color. The color is what astounded Lyla. They are so dark, almost black, that you cannot see any whites at all. In the middle of each pupil is a small gold speck. Lyla sits mesmerized for a moment looking into this beautiful young face. The dark eyes are studying Lyla’s face as she looks up at her.

"You may call me, Neelata.”

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