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Every new blogger thinks they're going to be the next big thing that sets the blogging world on fire. We all leap in and start hammering away on our keyboards, sharing our thoughts, our ideas, our hearts, and our souls. But as time goes on many bloggers come and go - the ones who burn out the quickest are the ones who came with the biggest aspirations. I hope this is not me. I have been so "brain -busy" with my editing work for others, and my own writings, that at times I feel like I have no more skills in my fingers or my brains. I'm wondering if starting small and being content with being a small fish in a very big pond can sometimes be a better game plan than trying to set the world on fire and failing to live up to your own expectations? This is such a hard question for me. How about any of you out there dear readers? Do you ever feel this way in your life?

I started my blog with absolutely no idea of what I was doing - I just wanted somewhere to write and to get some of the thoughts that were buzzing around inside my head out of there and into something a little more cohesive. I wanted to share my words, to share my new works, once they are ready to be part of the published world! I'd have loved to have set the world on fire, but as time went on I saw that blogging was not as easy as one may think it to be. I believed I had all the bells and whistles but I am merely one in a sea of other writers - still passionate, still able and willing, just needing the brain to work with the fingers! I like to keep my head down and write about things that resonate in my own world. I lead a small and content life and I'm not out to change the world.

My editor is coming around and has only 5 more chapters to complete...Yay! I am so excited about coming to a completion, so I can move on to my second book(actually already have, and loving it so much!)

I promise I will try and write more as things move along with my books and of course with life. I love writing out my thoughts, putting my experiences down somewhere, and giving them a life of their own.

Peace out my friends. Please send me a note or two would love to get to know my readers!

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Pull of The Sister Moon Book 1

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