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Catching up

Hello dear readers ! I hope everyone is well and enjoying Fall wherever they are.

I have been on a whirlwind with having my book published and anxiously waiting for reviews. My paperback is out and have had some good sales on both paperback and E Book. My very first reader was my smart , eclectic granddaughter, who told me how much she loved my story and characters! That makes it all worthwhile!!

Presently I am sitting in Mississippi, waiting for my husband to heal. We headed out on our great adventure to travel and live in the Yucatan, MX for the winter, but it has been put on indefinite hold. I sit among dark walls , and a smell of stale cigarettes, although it is a "non-smoking" room. The noise from the AC is my background music, along with Highway 10's travelers. I think of sunshine, and sea air, gulf sunsets , Mayan smiles and great ethnic food, and I pause, feeling my mouth in a frown, the wrinkles in between my brows and I am saddened. But with a shake of my head, I see my keyboard in front of me, my husband quietly healing, a peek of the Mississippi sun through the darkened curtains and know it is a good time to write. Book II is coming along, hope to send to editor by Dec 1st.

Be well, be safe and remember to read!!!

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