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A Glimpse....

Warmth surrounds Lyla as she walks toward the large opening. Fear, curiosity, and the desire to run go through Lyla's body and mind like a new sensation. The baying is clearer now and Lyla looks to where the sound comes from. She shelters her eyes from the bright sun and sees the lamb lying under a large tree. This tree is not as massive as the dead oak tree, but it is

very close in its imposing size. As Lyla's eyes adjust to the light, she looks at her surroundings. Lyla catches her breath. She realizes that this place must be as old as the planet itself. Trees stand taller than any trees that grace the forest near her village. Branches cover the sky touching one another as if holding hands. She is standing in green moss that covers the ground like a thick winter blanket. The light from the sky shines brilliantly through the trees and gives off blue hues that make the foliage on their branches a deep purple. Lyla never experienced such beauty that spreads before her. She is breathless with wonder at the unusual world that she has entered. She looks around, searching for signs of someone, but the wood is quiet, eerily quiet.

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